this page is long, sorry. i like talking about myself. read however much/little you want.

i look like this! vvv (it's me drawing at my computer)
basic info:
i'm 17 years old, my birthday is july 15th :) if you're into astrology, i'm a cancer sun, aquarius moon, and libra rising.
i don't know what else to put here. i like to be mysterious. i also like strawberries. my fav colours are green & rainbow.
i live in the us, specifically the pacific northwest.
i really like personality tests. my mbti is INFP (using cognitive functions. i don't trust the 16personalities test) & my enneagram is 5w4. my alignment is tied between true neutral/neutral good, i've been getting true neutral since i was 13 years old.
i LOVE music. here are some artists i listen to. bolded = faves.
(if you find any of these "cringe": sorry you feel that way. i don't care. cringe is fake)

>wallows, taylor swift, brockhampton, mitski, summer camp, beach bunny, the scary jokes, mother mother, sjowgren, olivia rodrigo, glass animals, gang of youths, mal blum, conan gray, the beths, sidney gish, ricky montgomery, lorde, the 1975, idkhow, the regrettes, lemon demon, kevin abstract, the dollyrots

deepest darkest secrets:
no. keep scrolling.
i love learning and have a variety of interests. some of my interests will probably be showcased on this site at some point. however here's a list:

general: the 1980's, art, animation, animals, science, psychology, technology, html/css, internet/internet history, malware, enneagram & mbti, poetry

media: pokemon, star wars, scott pilgrim vs the world, night in the woods, stardew valley, minecraft, percy jackson series, warrior cats, 17776 football

movies: 80s movies, mean girls, napoleon dynamite, teen beach movie, the breakfast club, legally blonde, rogue one, heathers, pretty in pink

obscure areas of interest: thylacines, moths, sea slugs, owls, the y2k bug, the beast of gévaudan
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